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Most manufacturing and development companies recognize the necessity for Information Technology infrastructure investments for enterprise applications management. However, many do not have the expertise or resources to arrange the business benefits for financial decision makers.

In order to make an intelligent decision, process studies, requirements analysis, system selection management, project management, and improvement services is important. By hiring experienced IT expert and leverage their expertise in Information Systems Product Lifecycle Management applications is important.

Keep in mind to maximum value to your investment/hiring in your information systems infrastructure by aligning your investments with your corporate business procedure. Focus on integration of the enterprise by facilitating your business to leverage systems and jobs for improved business performance rather forcing solutions to be implemented.

As you tackle software development and engineering projects, you may see the need for resources to complement what you have at hand—and IT consultant is ready to provide as much help as you need. And when you choose the IT consulting Way, you truly have a choice: We can do it for you, we can do it with you or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

We have 35 senior-level software developers on our team, and you can hire one, a small group or the entire team to help you get your product to market faster and with better odds of success. Our team's vast experience and knowledge across multiple technologies means we can offer everything from individual consulting and training to full-scale contract software architecture, design and implementation. We can work from our offices or come to your site—whichever provides the best fit between our resources and your needs.

Here are just a few of the tasks we can accomplish for you:

Designing new platforms and frameworks
Tuning applications or re-engineering to new standards
Migrating or porting programs between systems
Sustaining, updating or reverse-engineering legacy code
Technical Writing

IT consulting 's experts are ready to be as big a part of your team as you need. Contact us today for more details.

A team of experts to fill the gaps

Today's market moves so fast that it's imperative you develop your product quickly. Combine the need for quick response with the need to integrate other technologies, and you might need help from someone with real-world experience. Your software development engineering team will complete its project faster and realize a higher probability of project success by accessing IT consulting 's engineering “brain trust” to fill their gaps in software skills or experience.

Most of the IT consultants hold degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and other related disciplines. All have real-world experience developing software for a variety of platforms and languages. So with IT consulting you're not hiring a single engineer, but a collective of knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a solid design the first time.

IT consulting firms provide your software product managers with a leading-edge technology team at their disposal to help bring your product to market.

IT consulting firms work with a variety of platforms and operating systems including: Microsoft, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac, and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), using a broad range of development technologies and tools.

IT consulting firm perform architecture, design, development, porting and tuning and system administration—and we can map into any phase in the software engineering cycle, so we can step in at any stage of your project and accelerate completion and success in the market.

Approximately 40 percent of IT consulting 's business has been contract engineering projects for SEMI member companies (semiconductor capital equipment), concentrating on software development for:

Embedded control and multi-tasking subsystems
Image processing and numerically intensive applications
Code porting and performance tuning
Device drivers and systems programming for Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux, VxWorks, Sun Solaris, Mac, and other operating systems
Graphical User Interfaces
Integration of loaders, stages and other electromechanical subsystems to SEMI standards
Tap into a power performance resource

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